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WASTED YEARS • Restless • LP

WASTED YEARS • Restless • LP

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“It's a real surprise that Wasted Years come from Cologne and not from Portland or Olympia. The American influences of punk and emo from bands like RVIVR, ALKALINE TRIO,and HOT WATER MUSIC jump out at you when listening to their debut album, RESTLESS. Do we need more emo punk bands with '90s vibes? If they sound like Wasted Years, then bring them on. Especially since singer Cati, who also designed the truly beautiful album cover, brings a certain originality with her unique voice. It doesn't always have to be screamed to unleash the power in the music that we want to feel. It's a fact that an emo record works when it not only evokes wistful feelings but also unexpectedly makes your arms shoot up in the air. The fact that the folks from Cologne can achieve this significant effect is evident from the first listen of the single FLICKERING LIGHTS.” (Ox-Fanzine, Bianca Hartmann)

"A charming album that combines '90s emo with the gritty indie rock of those years, while not skimping on melancholic melodies. Beautifully raw, direct production" (Ox - Fanzine, Joachim Hiller)

Recordings: Christoph Scheidel • 79 Sound / Köln
Mastering: Jack Shirley • The Atomic Garden Studio / Oakland 
Pressing: Matter Of Fact / Güstrow

1. Pressing on 190g Vinyl
• German Summer (grey-green marble) • 100 copies
(only available at Not Sorry Records and at WASTED YEARS shows)
• Jade Green • 100 copies
• Classic Black • 100 copies

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