NOT SORRY started in 2020 with vegan bbq & beer parties and bands playing in Hamburg St Pauli’s backyards. We put on our favorite bands and had a real fucking blast.

In 2023 we decided to start putting out records, tapes and digital releases.
We will focus on releasing new albums by bands we love + reissue older releases digitally, so those amazing songs don’t get lost in the course of time.

NOT SORRY will always be the combination of music, parties, cold beers and greasy vegan food.

Maybe our next release is a dreamy instrumental shoegaze LP, a guidebook for beer slushies or a limited run of vegan deli meats. Who knows. We do what we love. Simple as that. Not sorry.

NOT SORRY is distributed in Europe + UK by Sound Of Subterrania.
We deal directly if you are not from those areas.
And oh, we trade records with other labels, hit us up, if you are also still into that.